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patent advice

Patent advice

As an inventor Marc van Oldenborgh is the owner of over 100 registered patents worldwide. Based on his experience we can help you to get your invention patented, validated and sold.

IT advice

IT should help your organization but sometimes it just isn’t. Is it the wrong technology or is it the competence of the IT department …or both? If spending more money on IT doesn’t feel good anymore then ask us what to do.

IT development

We are contractors for complicated IT projects. In particularly we have been developing high-volume transaction systems in full compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI).

App development

With Studio WebApp we are contractors for iPhone/iPad and Android app projects. Project management is executed from The Netherlands, building is done in Pakistan by our trusted partner. We can deliver quickly for very competitive rates.

Patent Advice

Why patent advice? High competitive markets force companies to be innovative continuously. Often companies are unaware their innovations are genuine inventions which might be worth to be protected by patents. Patents represent company’s intellectual property (IP) and are strategically important. Patents not only protect company’s business interests, they also increase the overall value of a company.

Applying, registering and defending patents is costly. Therefore we advise to evaluate the pros and cons of patents before applying. Marc van Oldenborgh is an inventor and has registered over 100 patents worldwide on his name. He dealt with many aspects of patents during the last 14 years. Based on his expertise our patent advice helps you obtaining and monetizing your patents in a most efficient way, so: innovations become patentable inventions patent application costs are reduced patents become valuable (and can be sold)

If you have questions? Or you wish to book Marc van Oldenborgh as a speaker?Please call us at +31 (0)6 51 459 459 or email us.


IT Advice

Why IT advice? In a constantly evolving world, your information technology should evolve too. But at what pace? On one hand there is your IT staff’s strategy to keep your computers systems robust and reliable which implicates often a reluctance for change. On the other hand there is your company’s overall mission to be efficient and competitive which encourages a keenness for change.

Our IT advice would be to gradually liberate your organization from the constraints set by IT. This can be done without reducing the effectiveness of your operational systems. Often the IT policy is too much focussed on changes of technology instead of changes which the users would like to see implemented.

To change this, a different mindset from IT staff as well as from users is required. While managing technology more efficiently, IT should become more flexible and shift towards fulfilling the wishes from your organisation. Concurrently, users should become more active towards IT and they should well define the features of their wishes.

As a result working in your organisation will be more challenging and interesting. All staff members will be more happy and the overall achievements will improve. The sky should become the limit.

we adapt computers, not people

IT Development

We have been developing complex IT systems for almost 20 years. Technology has changed a lot during these years. Nevertheless our IT development principle from the beginning still stands: we adapt computers, not people. In other words, we always aim to integrate IT systems without requiring a dramatic change from the people using the technology.


From the start we have been specialising in Internet connected applications. Already in 1997 we have designed, build and implemented an Intranet application. This application connected 3,000 shops in Europe and allowed its users to handle stock management and to submit orders; this was revolutionary at the time.

Today we are still building high-volume transaction systems wherein a server application is offering a wide range of services to many clients. In an evolving world we always design for flexibility. In the core of our systems we create a server application which can easily be extended with new services fulfilling new requirements. The client application will automatically be updated to profit from a new service. Security and user management will monitor who is able to do what and when from which location. We always develop platform independent solutions which allows you to run our products on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and mobile platforms such as IOS (iPhone) and Android.


Call us  on +31 6 51 459 459 or email for any question